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Today, before we talk about HTML, I want to briefly talk about a required program to write HTML.

HTML is a language, and you essentially need a notebook to write the language.

This kind of notebook program is called an editor. There are many editors from notepad to software such as ‘Sublime Text’.

From Sublime Text Officail WebsiteFrom Sublime Text Officail Website

I will use ‘Sublime Text’ here, so let’s download the program first.

Search ‘Sublime Text’ on Google first. You will see the offical website of ‘Sublime Text’. You can download the program for PC or Mac in the official website

Downloading Sublime Text

Let’s open Sublime Text on Mac. If you click and open the program you will see the window opened like below:

Starting Sublime Text

Now, we are ready to go!💁🏻‍♀️

Hi, it's Alexis here! I recently began studying coding (basically HTML) and thought I can share some of infos (that I've been learning so far) with some of you who just stepped into this world. I will be posting the basics of HTML and others including stuff like "Mac How to..."

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