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LYNMP is for develeoper’s happiness

Programming beginners start programming study wishing to make services like Google and Facebook someday. There are, however, too many informationw here you don’t even know where to start.

As senior programmers who have extensive experiences sometimes look for the works they’ve done in the past. They either look in the files or do the work from the scratch again.

LYNMP is a platform where developers keep and share their knowledge in order to help yourself but also others. This paltform is your notebook, and sharing your valuable information to beginners will help them to learn faster.

You can edit your article using markdown. There are features where you can easily input source code and create an article efficiently. Everyone can create an article conveniently!

What LYNMP think on post

LYNMP is for developers. Any articles under the following categories is welcome!

  • Post that helps developers to finish work early
  • Post that help developers to work joyfully

These are not limited to algorithm, but books that can help programmers, mathematic that explains algorithm etc. Anything that helps developers is welcome!

Anyone who is not a programmer but likes to post an article may share your post. However, we hope you share professional knowledge with us.

This professional knwoledge may include physics, atronomy, music or arts which you can disseminate your knowledge to others.

When Bill Gates released ‘Windows 95’ in 1995, he said

Crucial factor we will face in the future is to find needed information in the flood of information.

We live in the flood of information. LYNMP wants to be a lighthouse for developers in this flood of information.

#  Social Documenting Platform, LYNMP. Markdown editor to share knowledge and inspire each other. 

# My codes will help other developer to finish work early

Thank you!


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