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According to the report from MBO Partners, digital nomadism is becoming a trend as there is a growing number of people who define themselves as digital nomads. The report states that this trend will continue in the future, and more people will be willing to become digital nomads pursuing a lifestyle traveling around the world while making income.

Digital Nomadism

When you think about the digital nomadism, you would probably think about working in the Bahamas beach. Who would not want working at the Bahamas beach? But being the digital nomadism doesn’t automatically guarantee a ticket to the wonderland.

As I’ve searched over the internet about the digital nomadism, I wonder what do I need to become a digital nomad, and I came up with three elements: resources, information, and skill.

First of all, resources. You certainly need appliances to work remotely. Have your PC (or Mac) and wireless (of course), wherever you are, it is your office. There are also a growing number of tools that you can use while working wherever you want. You can communicate with clients or co-workers, store the works you’ve been working on online… you name it. You can find the new service launched when you wake up the next morning.

Secondly, information. Most of the digital nomads is a service supplier like developers, marketers, editors, content providers or even YouTubers. These suppliers always seek market demands to sell their services. Thus, having information on market demands is critical. Unlike a conventional job where you complete a task that your employer asks for and earn a salary, a digital nomad needs to find a consumer sell his/her service and earn income correspondingly. There are services where one can find job information for digital nomads like 99 Designs, AngelLIst, Authentic Jobs and Career Builder, etc.

Have your computer and wireless internet, wherever you are is your office

Before diving into these recruitment sites to find an employer or a client, however, it is critical that you have the last but not least element: skills. You need a certain skill or skills to provide a service that the market demands, and this certain skill is almost related to IT in these days. The majority of digital nomads are in IT, graphic designing, web designers, or creative content(this is the interesting topic that I want to bring up later) sector. Whether you are an IT professional or a web designer, your income depends on how much skill you have and how much market demands for your skill(s).

Digital nomadism seems very convenient, and many people, especially in the younger generation, pursue this type of lifestyle. However, you cannot instantly become a digital nomad and have a decent amount of income. It is indeed a matter of personal branding. You need to sell yourself to the market so that you can consistently draw more clients.


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Hi, it's Alexis here! I recently began studying coding (basically HTML) and thought I can share some of infos (that I've been learning so far) with some of you who just stepped into this world. I will be posting the basics of HTML and others including stuff like "Mac How to..."

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