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How to Verify Email Address | Essedrop How To

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If you want to upload files or join our events, you need to verify the email address when you sign up with Essedrop. You can easily verify your email address via Essedrop page.

How to verify my email address

  1. Log into Essedrop
  2. Go to My Drop > Settings
  3. Click Send a verification code on the email address section
  • When you click the button, the verification code will be sent to your email
    Click Send Verification Code
  1. Check your email and click the URL, and your email address will be verified

How do I get the verification code again?

After you click the send a verification code button, you will be able to see the resend button. You will get another code when you click the resend button. If you want to do the verification later, you can find the resend button via My Drop > Settings page.

Re-send Button
Re-send Button

I can’t find the verification email in my mailbox

No worries! First, check and see if your email address is correct. If not, you can sign up with your right email address.

The verification email may be in your spams. Check your spams if you don’t see our email in your mailbox.

If you still have trouble finding the verification email, please contact us.

파일을 인터넷에 올리는 가장 빠른 방법, Essedrop 입니다. 복잡한 설정이나 설치없이 드래그 앤 드롭으로 파일을 떨구기만 하면 파일을 업로드하고 직접 링크 URL을 만들 수 있습니다.



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